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  1. S15 Tyre Placard

    Hey Guys, So this morning my lovely local highway patrol decided that they would pull over because 'my rear tyres looked a bit large" and that's where the fun began. So there was a few things that he decided to get me on. And one of them was for not having a tyre placard on the vehicle. From other forums and websites, it says that there should be one on the centre console lid. Would there be somewhere else that it would be located on an import? If not, where could i source one for? Vehicle - '99 S15 Spec R Import Thanks in advance!!
  2. Central locking in an S15 and remote

    Yeah JDM. It has an aftermarket immobiliser with a turbo timer built in it.
  3. Hello there, Just wondering if someone can tell me where i can purchase a new key/remote for my car. I have already asked Nissan and that was just a pain in the bum cause they had to email Japan and get the correct part number as there catalogue didn't show the correct one. And they quoted me $363.00 for a new remote and key blade (all in one) I am also having issues with my remote unlocking and locking my car. Can someone tell me where i can source the 'transponder' if that's what you want to call it, so i can do some testing on it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Let's Cruise Betches - Friday, 28th March 2014

    Johnnilicte - come to Mercedes-Benz Hornsby and Im sure I can work out a deal with one of the salesman for a C63 for you. They are a great car to drive, also the E63, and ML63. Its also great working at a Mercedes-Benz dealer
  5. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted yellow S15 in Waitara yesterday.
  6. Im a Noobie ! :)

    Hello Everyone, I am a recent owner (well about a month now) of a black Jap Spec R 1999 Nissan Silvia. i am loving every minute of it. Almost stock. Low km's on the beast. I am a mechanic by trade but no longer on the tools. It will be awesome to start talking to the other nissan owners, and see what they have accomplished when they have owned their vehicles. Talk soon Gill