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    Jesus...what happened to this place?
  2. things that annoy you

    The cyclists would already have their own refreshments on board under my scheme meaning that motor vehicles wouldn't have to be burdened with the extra weight of a water chilling unit which would only reduce fuel efficiency and increase greenhouse gas emissions. Its practically saving the planet.
  3. things that annoy you

    All cyclists should be required by law to cart around a selection of food and beverages which any motorist can purchase from them whenever they feel the desire. It would be the cyclists lawful obligation to stop and serve a customer whenever requested. I feel this would greatly improve the attitude of drivers towards cyclists as instead of seeing an unpredictable rolling road block they would now see a mobile banana pancake stall or their favourite morning coffee. Likewise cyclists attitudes would improve as they would now know that its their lawful obligation to cater to all of the motorists needs first while on their commute.
  4. whats the difference between flush poke and stanced?
  5. Really stupid question

    Your chassis is like a flacid penis. You should get a Soarer, http://youtu.be/-4KoCIM2lY8
  6. The return of a friday thread?

    wow did your 86 ever get finished?
  7. The Walking Dead

    I'm thinking that scientist guy is just a con artist using army dude to keep him alive and Glen knows it. Anyway latest episode, wow. Pretty brutal. Im guessing that fire was the red neck house so those two groups will meet up soon.
  8. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    Pics of sister? ^ Well i could post a photo but she is 17 hahahaha thats legal here so go right ahead
  9. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    Pics of sister?
  10. yeah haha I totally wrote it off. I super glued it back together in about 5 different spots! It held up for a little while but then I crashed it again and broke where all the super glue was. Ive also lost 2 of the rubber feet off the motors. Once I get it back Im going to take it to an oval to fly instead of inside or over hard ground like I had been doing. Also ordered a mini cp skid set for it to see if it will soften the landings a bit. No doubt Ill wreck that as well though lol. After I glued it back together today I mucked around with the dual rate settings and managed to make it a fair bit more controllable. I navigated through part of the house without crashing for about 2 minutes so I was pretty stoked with that effort.
  11. My F31 Leopard

    put an fj20et in it. or GMH Starfire +T04z or 1vd-ftv ftw!
  12. Cheers for the advice guys. I managed to destroy the chassis yesterday when I was doing some outdoor practice so Ill have to wait for a new one to arrive. Fortunately they cost f**k all so Ive ordered a few spares.
  13. Ok Ill give that a go. Ive already crashed it about 1000 times today and last night trying to fly the thing but ive just been doing it in my living room to get a feel for it. I can say that I am not a natural at this lol. I can get it to hover ok but generally as soon as I try navigate anywhere with it I instantly loose control of it and either crash it into something or it flies under the couch resulting in bulk spider webs and dog hair getting tangled under the blades. I find it hard to keep it at a steady height with out it either always climbing or descending rapidly. It seems to hit the ground then bounce up again and then hit the ground again when I try to move it in a direction. Not sure if thats just inexperience ( i have none ) or is there something in the setup to make it easier? It is in stability mode with the red led.