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  1. Wrx 2000 king spring help

    Hi, sorry to hijack this thread. I notice the S-GT has higher HP than WRX-S. Is it more worth it to get S-GT instead?
  2. car carrier trailer

    i would love to help you out with this but iam not sure how i can yet so first i will ask around for a trailer i have two options there anything you could do would be MASSIVELY appreciated mate, let us know how you go
  3. **Spotted Thread**

    Im a pic whore. Plus most of the pics on these spotted threads all full cali, now I ride with it just about all the way out
  4. NS/HT Member Pack! Only $5!

    that stuff is already removed and ready for the springs to be done...so that part is cake. actually, what time are you going out there today? i dont really have much going on and i could probably meet you out there and meet the guy for myself and maybe we can even schedule something for later.
  5. Wolfenstein: The New Order

    for me, Wolfenstein The New Order was able to achieve to have the charm you see in old school SciFi. Is it cheesy? Looks at scene where you shoot Nazis with laser guns on the moon yup. However, no matter how ridiculous it get, the characters take their action straight face and seeing their interaction with you and the environment help with the overall charm of the game. I personally like the scenes with the interaction of Max. He a really cool character. I am forgetting the name of the girl the one you get if you save the other individual in the first mission but her commentary late game is one of the most interesting meta conversations I heard in a while. Now I want to play this game again. Actually, now thinking of it. I think that what made it work, it took everything, even the most absurd things and the characters react to it like its normal life. There not many if not at all any scenes where the characters breaks the fourth wall and says...well, this is corny. That how I think it nailed its tone personally.
  6. 1/4 Mile Times

    Ive not taken mine to the pod but cupras with similar power seem to be running around 14 seconds, the jump in power to get from 14 to 13 in a FWD car is unreal. I think they should do 1/4 mile starting from 30mph to give the FWD boys a chance LOL. Emlyn
  7. VW Golf R mods

    Thanks guys, I'm assuming that i just pop it over to mods folder an do i have to do anything in game for it to work or..? Thanks again Matt.
  8. s15 battery hole

    Just wondering if anyone had a 3 1/2" or 3 3/8" hole saw that I could barrow. Just would be going through about 1/8" of plastic. Thanks.
  9. info needed on tube frame front end

    the front of my frame does not look like that. Mine looks like a piece of boxed metal that has been smashed and is crinkled.the only way i could think to describe it

    WTB: 54-60mm Kanna w/ 40-43 degree dai, of moderate quality. Long dai would be nice, but not at all essential.