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  1. Ladies and Gents, My beautiful girlfriend has organised a private screening of World War Z for a charity fund raiser at Event Cinema, Westfield Parramatta @1900 (7PM) on Friday 21 Jun (just in time for you to be able to claim it on tax). $53.99 will get you a 3D screening, Medium popcorn and drink and an ice cream and all proceeds will go to charity. Details and ticket sales via the link below - Hope you can all come! Pass it on to your friends family and anyone you meet in the street and help support a wonderful cause. http://worldwarz-screening.eventbrite.com.au/ Thanks heaps, Jules
  2. I take it you're either Army or Navy? Posted out of there in July (and have never looked back). There were a handful of imports on base when I left so its fair to say at least one of them lurks these forums.
  3. hey Guys, Been a while since I've posted on this site, but hopefully the current members are just as helpful as the ones that were regulars back in the day. Anyway Im looking for a place that can make me a custom dash mat for my mini cooper s. Reason I specify custom is that the dash mat would need to accomodate for the pass. side airbag and be trimmed in SUEDE. Ive actually found a few places online that sell suede dash mats for my car, unfortunately though they only accomodate for LHD vehicles So if you guys know of anywhere that could help me that would be sweet! thanks in advance -Julz
  4. this might be a little late but Ive only just come across this thread coz im after some of this stuff as well. Im looking at this site that sells the stuff much cheaper than what gcg was offering. http://www.silicone-tubing.com.au/silicone_tubing.htm
  5. GENIUS! cheers man! its an ahesive plastic that is non reflective on your dash. and looks rad as f**k. its actually a fibrous material that you apply with adhesives... but yeah you get the idea
  6. Hi Guys and girls, I've decided to flock the dash of my car, so im looking for a place that sells the flock and colored adhesive that I need. I remember there was an DIY article on Aqutosalon magazine ages ago which had the contact details of the supplier that they bought the materials from but I can't for the life of me find the issue let alone the article amongst my massive collection ASMs. So Im shouting out for some HELP! if anyone happens to remember the issue that this article was in OR if you happen to know a place I can get the flocking from it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance -Julz
  7. floor boards or carpet

    what are you doing on your knees for half an hour? lol
  8. fitness first

    but if we were all tanks like you hoomy, you wouldnt be as awe inspiring to us on a side note, I called fitness first today to cancel my membership. Really didnt wanna bust out my "im joining the air force and I get free access to their gym..." manoeuvre, but I ended up having to. The f**kers wouldn't let me cancel without giving them a decent reason why.
  9. floor boards or carpet

    ^^^ Agreed. Floating floor boards is the way to go, easy to install yourself and looks great. Just get some quality underlay. If you want some carpet, just get a rug. the other benefit is that in most cases the laminate is fire retardant and chip/dent resistant. For a glamorous look though, nothing compares to hard wood floors.
  10. fitness first

    at the moment im paying $34 a fortnight. I got that price on a deal we had with work... I think for anyone else its a little bit more than that.
  11. fitness first

    only good for the convenince of being close to both work and home... but as eclipse said expensive as! cancelling my membership in a few weeks though, free gym at the air force base!
  12. errrrr TFIF?

    whats up guys! just got back from the gym now gna un pack my room and clean the walls so I can paint them later this arvo.... man it feels good to do whatever i want. Pretty much bludging for the next month and a bit... then its off to 1RTU for me!
  13. Your latest mod? Whats new?

    latest mod BBS wheels - screaming to be lowered now. Planning to buy some tein SS' and EDFC with my severence package. parts sitting at home at the moment. planning to install them during my break in feb before leaving for the airforce 15% reduced super charger pulley Supercharger pulley removal tool el cheapo grande boost gauge lower temp thermostat silicon rad hoses alloy rad
  14. Hey guys, just did a fluid change on my car so just wanted to know if there are places I can take my used oil for recycling or disposal. Any help appreciated... Cheers -Julz