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  1. 180sx Clear Tailights - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used 180sx clear tailights came in car from j-land txt for pics 0407 627 431
  2. Hi all, I have turned the net upside down looking for this, even asked on BMW forums with no luck If anyone can link me or post something it would be muchly appreciated.
  3. Workshop...knows what their doing

    Mori is a legend, expensive but great work, and he does do everything !
  4. RB26 gtr box to rwd.

    nothing wrong with a big box
  5. Chevy badges on Commodores

    Still better than fitting angel eye headlights to your silvia init
  6. Sheds/ garages installed in adelaide

    CBF buiding it myself i want stress free lol, but now with some of the info you guys have provided im more stressed. Few my mates have shed like 6x10 an they are really big thick framed, you could block an tackle anywere from them, i dont want it like a garden shed. As for council crap, i didnt think anything in back yard needed approval ? if so dont shed ppl sort this ? i live in Aldinga Beach/ Sellicks region
  7. Sheds/ garages installed in adelaide

    ^^^^ by contractor do you mean they can do the whole job or i still need to purchase the shed an they just install ? Cheers
  8. Sheds/ garages installed in adelaide

    thanks mate, will give them a call later today !
  9. As title states, lookin at getting a garage/ shed installed an i know prices will vary alot. Has anyone recently had one done or know places to use or avoid. Will be 5.5 x 5.5 minimum maybe bigger depending on price. Thanks
  10. s13 rims 4 stud

    Commo wheels are same pcd but if you choose to run them you must get wheel centres machined to 72.5mm stay away from wheel worx for this if you want reasonable price lol
  11. Air compressors

    Ive had 2 both died, one didnt work right from the box lol.
  12. Petrol increase

    Airports / Aerodromes better get tighter/more security lol
  13. RB20 FTW biachhhhhesss (; An Mackie, you hate 20's your Mums lil SR boi haha
  14. Defected...questions

    Whilst on topic, i was recently told cars with flared/pumped guards cant get threw regency ? have to be engineered ? Someone recently been threw with pumped guards or know the truth ?