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  1. Also is it possible to get it in a 'screamer pipe' or do I have to buy the shorter style for that? Thanks
  2. Hi, I've got an aftermarket S/S manifold on my SR20 and noticed that the clearence between the stocky dump pipe and the gearbox pretty much dissapears (rubs). Any idea how much clearence this dump pipe would have?
  3. quick question

    You'll be alright buddy. If ur just changing the manifold over there will be stuff all difference. Doubt it will run any different actually. There's no risk of any mechanic damage at all...............unless you leave a nut in the manifold!
  4. To Paint or not to Paint

    "hhahaha, man this thread is old, i decided to go black. pic" Good decision bro, looks hot!
  5. To Paint or not to Paint

    Black bonnet 4 sure!
  6. Investing spare cash

    BTW funfun, WTF do you do to earn $15k in 2 months besides selling drugs? $90k p.a. is pretty good for someone without qualifications &/or experience! All the calling cards of a professional man-hore. I would know Man I can really talk some trash if I put my mind to it!
  7. Investing spare cash

    Go to the Casino-Double or nothing. 50% chance, I like those odds! If you loose you won't have the problem of deciding what to do with the money....... Who needs a financial planner when u got friends like me! Seriously though, invest in property and you can never go wrong.
  8. NissanSilvia.com section at the creek?

    Shame I couldn't make it this round but will be there at Mallala. Have fun at the creek pplz
  9. hitting animals in your car

    DUDE! That sucks man! I would have dragged the wombat out of the bushes and run it over again! Looked like a half decent commy aswell
  10. Hit and Run - funny

    dont worry, im sure the cop will remember that next time your wrapped around a pole and asking for help. If the cops wouldn't help me I couldn't really care less, it's the paramedics I'm worried about!
  11. hitting animals in your car

    "i felt bad that i felt like crying just because it felt to me i was the reason for the cat's dead." Don't feel bad bro, cats are one specie that belong under car tyres! They luv it......
  12. hitting animals in your car

    Just wait till the RSPCA get a hold of these threads.........they'll come knocking on pplz door!Lol
  13. Hit and Run - funny

    So you're telling me he missed the cop? damn, better luck next time
  14. hitting animals in your car

    It's bad enough when you hit wildlife with ur car, had a mate that hit a roo on a road bike doin bout 80 clicks. He ended up walking away so it was pretty bloody funny. Had roo hair wedged into his radiator and motor, ended up fixing it but everytime you started the bike up you'd swear someone was cooking skippy!
  15. Pretty sure it's the ECU + tune, mates 180 had the same symptoms........