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  1. johns turbo ae92

    At how much boost?? when was the boost threshhold rpm??? did you attain full boost by 4500rpm? ill put a pic of the dyno graph up soon but full boost was at 4 to 4500rpm and that was at 21 psi but that was really rich like 10.1 fuel ratio and at 7000rpm we will be reving it to between 8500 and 9000rpm
  2. johns turbo ae92

    after a few issues the car finally got tuned, it made 212fwkw and 580nm but its still not fully tuned as we had overheating problems so making that 250kw doesnt look that far away
  3. my purple s13

    no im changing the suspension to im getting a set of isc n1 coilovers and already have front and rear cusco strut and sway bars with all new bushs, i will also be getting bigger brakes for the front soon to
  4. my purple s13

    when whas that? hey those pics were taken in 2002
  5. my purple s13

    here is some old pics i found from back when g-zeros were cool i wil take some pics of the parts i got aswell soon
  6. my purple s13

    yeah it'll visit the track fairly often weather it be down the strip or around track but mainly she will be my little street whore. p.s liverpool exhaust sell cheap and nasty fart cannons (waiting for drive by)
  7. Project MX-5

  8. my purple s13

    OK well i had a write up before about my car and i was going to make an update but i cant find it (ithink it was deleted) so i thought id just write up a new one Engine: sr20det Exhaust: 3in turbo back with fart cannon Suspension: kyb shocks with king springs "uleh" and s14 brake upgrade with 5 stud conversion Wheels: s15 rims with toyo tyres Modifications: s15 jdm turbo fmic 3in exh microtech ecu pod filter bov walbro fuel pump custom purple paint Stereo Audio / Visual: jvc double din dvd player and boston acoustic front splits and maybe a hidden cd of the vanga boys Estimated Power: 185rwkw @ 16psi i have been collecting parts for the past few months which are: garret gt3076 turbo 38mm tiel wast gate hdi gt spec intercooler hdi ebc with boost gauge 850cc injectors cusco 7 point roll cage r33 gear box and diff (tail shaft being made now) also i will be getting two racing seats probably sparco because they make them for fat people a carbon bonnet twin plate clutch all this stuff i have got will be put in this month by killer custom fabrication who are also makeing me a custom plenum with fuel rail and throttle body, high mount turbo manifold, dump pipe, intercooler piping, air box, catch can and all them other fiddley bits. Then after that the car will be going off to incar racing so i can get my new ems 4860 installed and tuned hopefully i make around 250rwkw with the stock motor and hopefully it last long enough so i can save up and get a full rebuild because after the computer i will be out of funds for a little while. alright heres some pics i will get more soon so what do you guys think
  9. Hey guys

    so what do you prefer to drive the integra or the 180
  10. My 180sx (2JZGTE)

    nice build got to love 2jsilvia build ups. also you should do a write up on that m3 that thing is mental
  11. johns turbo ae92

    it gets tuned tomorrow YAY FINALLY
  12. hey my mate has 2005, 2lt turbo 93 convertable and we wondering if there was any work shop in sydney that speacializes in saabs or euro cars in general, also is there any where he could get off the shelf parts for it. thanks any advice would be appreciated
  13. Dragon180's build

    it looks tough as, ill give it two thumbs up
  14. '96 sil80

    sounds good but is there any pics
  15. My 200 with engine now installed !

    so what is so try hard about this build and what makes him a poser? BTW proform are probably one of the most switched on work shops in australia regarding sr20's