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  1. 17th March Practice day

    Bigger versions on Flickr
  2. 17th March Practice day

    As requested!
  3. 17th March Practice day

    A few more...
  4. 17th March Practice day

    I've got 159B?
  5. 17th March Practice day

    Larger versions on my Flickr, will be adding more over next week.
  6. 17th March Practice day

    Post which car you were in and I'll see if got any of you!!
  7. 17th March Practice day

    I'll get some pics up later tonight, check back!
  8. The silly season

    I think they're intended as a quick response unit with the aim to arrive at the emergency & to do as much as they can until an ambulance arrives on scene (if required). From memory they're not allowed to ride after dark, or in the rain which is why they've been around more recently (daylight savings/summer)
  9. The silly season

    Probably a paramedic on a Piaggio, have seen a few around CBD in last week. It's part of a long term trial. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/ipad/biker-ambos-given-a-rough-ride/story-fn6bfm6w-1226207446974
  10. Some of my stuff.

    Is it a zip?
  11. The random photography thread

    2 months ago I got a canon ef 50mm 1.8 II for $110 at JBHiFi
  12. Hi there! So i've got a leak under intake manifold that was spurting steam/coolant when i got home the other day. Thought it was a split in one of the two hoses that are a pain to get to, so being a long weekend i've taken the upper section of the intake manifold off... On inspection it's not the hose but a tiny (slightly larger then a pin prick) hole in the metal tube that the hoses connect to. I can't decide on how to fix it... Am thinking 1/ replacement part (does anyone know part number?) 2/ some sort of welding/soldering Does anyone else have suggestions?
  13. The Life of a bodybuilder

    nuts... 70 sets per body part, 7 hour sessions
  14. Kick-Ass

    The hit girl trailer is the one that had everyone (with nothing better to do) on their soap boxes. Will see this once its out, haven't seen a decent Nic Cage movie in ages
  15. whats your favourite series?

    The Shield The wire The corner (6 episodes by the guys who'd later make the wire) Entourage Californication