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  1. Wheel Help

    Start here: rimtuck.com
  2. Project 180sx type s

    Might i recommend that you consider driving this for now then when you're ready to go to turbo look into the viability into selling it and then buying a turbo 180sx. Based on the small price difference in the NA 180sx market and the turbo 180sx market, you will save yourself money and heartache. Also, if you dont mind me asking, what dollars have you factored into fitting and painting the odyssey kit?
  3. 180sx SR20DET P Plate Legal NSW?

    n So there is no ADM 180's no, all imported
  4. So this is where it was almost a year ago... and it has sat in the shed doing nothing since... big woop, wana fight about it. I've continued to buy and horde parts, mainly for my daily which i said i wouldn't modify. Here are some of the bits for my daily build... Some 16x8 +10 Steelies wrapped in some Bridgestone RE002s BC coilovers M-Tech 1 wing, a rare factory piece Nardi steering wheel to keep an OEM feel Some old school Recaro seats are currently being shipped If i said that I'll now be working on them and will be finished soon, i would be lying. My studies will finish up for good in September so keep an eye out around then for updates on either or both cars. and to finish off, a joke that was in a bonbon from last Christmas...
  5. 20B S15

    That engine bay is absolutely beautiful
  6. VY SS Manual Leather

    isn't that an oxymoron?
  7. 180's are 5hit

    P.S. I know that feeling
  8. Another RB25 S14 build

    Wow, loving the engine bay. I'm building my rb25 s13's engine bay very very similar
  9. no BOV shouldn't make it stall like that though
  10. 86 or MX5?

    NA MX5 with a SR20DET:D If i remember correctly, engine weights aren't too different because the Mazda engines are iron block.
  11. Did you end up selling it?
  12. Had a quick search but must have missed it steve. Good call on the Dr Karl one as well! I didn't even think to search for that one, thanks
  13. Hey everyone I've been getting into listening to podcasts lately, mainly Adam Carolla podcasts (mainly the Carcast) and a few news and work related ones. Just wondering who listens to podcasts and what people are listening to? Also, if there are any recommendations, especially for car related podcasts, other than the Adam Carolla Carcast (which is great) i haven't come across any other good ones which are broadcasted on a regular basis. so at the moment my playlist consists of: (Current and regularly updated) -The Adam Carolla Show -The Adam Carolla Carcast -Tripple J's Hack (Old, ended podcasts) -the KnN podcast -Car Craft Radio -A few project management podcasts