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  1. digital speedo cluster

    Doesn't show speeds over 180kph...
  2. s12 .compliments give me a woody

    Your shed rocks!!!
  3. Scott's training log

    Dude... You're strong as f**k!!! Impressive!
  4. Skids! They get you killed!

    Off with his head!!! Ha!
  5. Sway The 20V 4AGTE AE71

  6. Fabrication Pics Thread

    I gotta learn how to tig weld... Looks awesome!
  7. EPA

    Near the coke sign in kings cross. I no its a hot spot but was so desperate to drive the thing. Back on track. Anyway I can avoid it as I know its coming. If I change the plates will they still keep a record of this on the system? I would assume that they would chase up the change of rego via your VIN...
  8. EPA

    Dogs!! I got a notice in the mail from the department of climate change (or something like that) a few years ago, totally snipered! Hadn't even been pulled over, one of the lovely members of the general public I assume dobbed me in. Had to remove everything, revert to standard. Stock cooler, fuel presure regulator and what a drama to find an s13 airbox $$$$. Db test as well... Bugger all you can do mate...
  9. The avengers

    Great movie!!!
  10. my 200sx S2 2tone

    Are they lights on the boot garnish below the brake light?... Like the rear guards!
  11. Supra TAKE 2

    Fat as!
  12. Droptop GTR - RB26 S13 vert

    First owner actually wanted to do this but was gonna be very $$$ and require chassis mods which would make it hard to register. I'm personally not interested as i much prefer driving RWD cars (drift FTW!!) Fair enough, looks the goods anyway!!
  13. Droptop GTR - RB26 S13 vert

    Make it four wheel drive... That'd be cool!