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    *** points finger at pulsar guy And he got it defected too!!
  2. 21st may drift prac

    i'll be reppin the noobs having only been to tailems before.
  3. BP Tailem bend

    theres 98 in murray bridge. I'll be out on the day too. shall be buying fuel during the week to save my cents.
  4. so who's reporting this to aca? also, you could do what tom's been doing on hills cruises with the window stickers. by placing the sticker on your window youve accepted *these* conditions and by breaking any you are not in participation of the cruise. fool proof. and if its written on the site with a hard copy, you wont get a second looking at given any amount of offences.
  5. lazy sapol

    this all reminds me of the time i found a guy passed out in a storm drain that leads onto my mates property. after calling the ambulance we were asked a variety of questions including is he breathing? we replied he had clearly od on something and we were not willing to climb into a storm drain to help the guy and that they should send an ambulance. after talking to them for 10 mins giving updates on what was going on the guy started to wake up and get up. when my mate updated the guy his reponse was "you said he was unconcious". he was when we made the phone call. then the guy, swearing and threatening us got up crawled down the drain and stumbled down the street, then fell into a fence and disappeared. good story me. point is i have no faith in emergency services and i would not depend on them saving my life whether home invasion, death by vaginitis or my house was burning down due to evo power getting too hot headed.
  6. What exhaust you reppin?

    Mine is a home made version of this. http://firesport.com.au/images/144632_2009121602.jpg also have twin pipes like the 1s in the first post thatll eventually go on.
  7. speed camera question

    my mate got done for 4ks over. lost a demerit point. 100 dollar fine. what a prick of a cop if you ask me.
  8. Provisional 2s

    mate of mine got his fulls 3 days after blowing 0.03 and he still lost his license for a year. its back dated it wont work.
  9. when your in group 2 youll tell group 1 to suck it up. just keep at it and get good fast. also group 2 = faster cars and as said before less spins better line etc its just a tough brake. i think any1 with influence should be getting longer sessions in general.
  10. this im worried about, but the shit about an internet dating profile? meh bit of fun f**king with ur ex never hurt anyone. unfortunately doesnt make a good headline. but thanks to awesome reporting, they've made a story out of f**king nothing, the guy did some shifty shit, to which he was reprimanded for, maybe not as soon as his should have, i dunno, i dont know the full story, and since u can only go on the media, i will never know, but as far as i can tell they have tried to make a normal non-story into something they can print and get some reads from. as much as some people might hate police or feel as if they are against us, they are victims of a f**ked mainstream media just like the rest of us. you might have a change of heart on the matter when a random twice your size taps on your window looking to f**k you.
  11. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    Whoops i sobbed like a little girl who didnt get presents for their birthday. i cant even afford a cage for my rolla its just under 3 inches off the ground now. good for a laugh.
  12. decided to bite my tounge. bit of a pain though
  13. HT.Net:- Hills Cruise VII

    my engines sitting on the block and tackle in the shed will have to attend your next hills cruise. you'd be a pro by then.
  14. when they held up a sign at lobie deli saying do i skid, i tried. plus i use to have a nismo sticker on my auto s13. it was pretty bro. plus i like stickers. bro's like stickers bro.
  15. rumor..

    cos your a ninja?? pretty sure some mates were telling stories of how they dressed up in suits and pulled people over in their commodore (nfi what model) pretty sure they just warned taxi drivers though. fair enough really. i wouldnt drive to the cop shop unless it was heaps suss otherwise all them coppers will get a kick out of defecting your car.