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  1. There must be a few of these, I know of one that starts at Gepps cross at 4:30 and heard of another at Marion at 8:30 this Saturday, Both are supporting ROWW Sadly I'll be in interstate so won't be able to attend any of these
  2. Adelaide vehicle inspections does a decent job at checking the car overall and will come out to wherever the car is. Gives you a 175 point report of the inspection afterwards.
  3. Just Car Insurance, who uses them, claims?

    That seems so cheap I was
  4. Tailem Bend sold.

    An on the run there would be pretty convenient to say the least
  5. I've got pretty much all that stuff, except the tyres on 2 wheels are probably not legal, and stock suspension has king springs on it but they aren't that low if you wanna borrow them. PM me if you need
  6. Sweet as, what are you driving? I'll look out for ya. I'll be there in an s15 with my mate in a WRX as well
  7. Are the open practice days just a rock up and go kind of thing? or do you have to register beforehand? Keen on heading out for the Nov 1st day
  8. Hardtuned Cruise 26/10/13

    A whole bunch of cops were there beforehand assisting the SES with a search rescue operation of a hiking group that was lost on Black hill that night, that was why all the police presence was there. They then probably just saw the chance at setting up a defect station when a whole load of imports came flying up.
  9. Any info on this? very interested but can't find any information on it, only a few things from your previous drift schools.
  10. Have a quick search on here, I know there is a really good thread that I learnt off when i first started looking that explains all the differences between the various models. But to answer your question off the top of my head ADM has reflectors on the rear bar, no rear wiper blade, 260km/h speedo, Nissan badge on bonnet and 200sx rear boot badge JDM has rear wiper blade, 180 km/h speedo, digital climate control, A-pillar boost gauge, Silvia lightning badge on bonnet and silvia rear boot badge. Im sure there are more visual things I can't remember right now Edit: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=183679 there you go, first link on google
  11. Woodville rd accident

    Was gonna say I was driving next to a yellow 200 today in Woodville but then saw the actual location in NSW
  12. I've been wanting to get into a bit of drifting as well, never been on track before or know what's required but having an s15 I am a little bit scared of hitting things. Planning on doing a grip track day first to get a feel of what its like on track and everything
  13. Snapped Wheel studs.

    I had this happen once, driving up the driveway into the garage and heard a tiny clunk from outside of the car, didn't think anything of it but as I was getting out of the car I noticed one of my wheel nuts sitting on the ground with the broken stud bit inside. Popped the old stud out and replaced it with a new one the next day no worries.
  14. Sorry everybody but I didn't realise this weekend was Father's day so I won't be able to do a meet this Sunday.. I did have the carpark in the CBD reserved for us so perhaps we might be able to do one on another date.
  15. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    WTB: the globe socket for the parcel shelf brake light for s15