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  1. The smartest overall Job

    To me being smart is pretty irrelevant in terms of having life skills that will prove usefull. I know plenty of people that are pretty smart and even have PHD's but they are still useless when it comes to doing something on their house or car or even knowing how to cook which afterall is a pretty usefull skill. Some jobs such as what I do which is mechanical design drafting will teach you lots of things about manufacturing, how things work, mechanical aptitude, processes etc but that doesn't mean I can weld, fix a car or use a lathe - so it's kind of useless for everyday life. People that have worked in the army tend to have lots of life skills and also builders tend to be pretty good at anything hands on. Jobs like that are usefull for everyday things especially once you own your own house. There are lots of educated idiots out there who earn good incomes but are hopeless at anything practical. Knowing about something and actually being able to do that something are two different things.
  2. ^^^LOL - I hope you're not thinking of moving back to the UK if you're after an improvement. 60k is pretty average salary these days and doesn't go very far once you pay rent or a mortgage. But it all depends on your style of living. There are so many countries that are in far worse shape than Australia. People need to stop their bloody whining.
  3. Electric hot water costs alot to run - in fact they can account for as much as 50% of your total power usage. This is why the NSW government gives an insentive to replace them with solar/gas systems. They are supposed to run during off peak hours so even though the usage may be as high as 50% it should only be about 30% of the total bill. So I suggest you check the bill to see if it lists an off peak usage and check if your hot water service is running off peak only.
  4. The retail industry is living in their own little world if they think it will make any difference. A 10% GST wouldn't stop me from buying anything online when I can save 30-50%. People have turned away from retail stores because the level of service equates to handing you the box or receipt and sending you to the register - why pay extra for that? Last time I went to buy anything from a store was xmas eve and I was buying a monitor: Went to the local PC store and it wasn't even open. Went to Hardly Normal and they wanted $469 for a $299 monitor. Dick smith wanted $399 and would hapily sell me an unwanted extra warranty for half price. In the end I just gave up and bought online. The service and pricing is a joke and rather than drive around to different stores and be treated like an idiot by 17 year olds I can get prompt delivery and a bargain price online. When they started charging more than double for things like projectors then people realised they were taking the piss and even without a warranty they can buy two from the states for less in case one breaks. People have simply lost respect for retailers and trying to screw them over even more isn't going to get it back. Another thing that is taking the piss is electronics repairers. Got something that doesn't work? Take it to a store and get charged $250 to fix it or look up what the fault is on the internet and fix it yourself with a $1.50 part - I kid you not these places are practically criminal enterprises.
  5. A Politicians Worst Nightmare‏

    I believe the person who wrote that is quite possibly retarded to some degree. Since when does being 'so Australian' make you the Labor parties worst nightmare? As for the god fearing bit well apart from the PM being an athiest that has nothing to do with anything. I agree with Spazo - just because everything isn't the way you want it doesn't mean you can have a big sook about it and expect everyone to be on your side. Thats the whole thing about living in a democracy which after all is what Australia is all about. People like this tosser make me embarrased to be an Aussie sometimes.
  6. How modifications saved 3 peoples lives

    I think it's an improvement - the damage that is. I don't really believe that short shifters make getting into reverse any faster nor do bigger brakes on a wet road make you stop any quicker. But why stop a bit of bullshit from making a good story?
  7. Seriously whats the point with an SUV/soft roader? They are crap off road and on road are about as usefull as any station wagon. Get a Subaru Liberty 3.0R wagon and have an awesome car that handles and has similar storage without all the drawbacks. Failing that an Outback. SUV = expensive, crap handling, excessive fuel consumption or poor power, poor reliability and really just another liability for everyone else on the road. Sorry - I know its your choice but those things make about as much sense as that picture of a rabbit with a pancake on its head.
  8. Australia's road toll is not high. In fact it's quite low so maybe people should stop using it as an excuse to roger the motoring public and move on to some other issue bleeding hearts can cry about. Yes it would suck to know someone who was killed on the road but the fact is the toll is reducing constantly based on the population and hours people spend on the road. It just seems to be a favourite topic with sensationalist media. People really need a hobby.
  9. s15 pickles

    I've sold a car at pickles - great way to dispose of a dodgy car. What happens if you buy it and then later find the gearbox is noisy or the engines shagged? Not likely I know but my point is you cannot test drive these cars. The other thing is that it might be good value but when you decide to sell it you will be selling a repaired vehicle. One aspect of that is that if it was a financial write off potential buyers can find out the other is that in my experience almost any repair is detectable. Some cars that have been repaired can be almost impossible to sell - the S15 is a car like that as many buyers are very picky. If I was selling an S15 with 120k on the clock that had obvious repairs (front panels not lining up 100%, paint variation, evidence in the engine bay, missmatching headlights etc etc) I reckon I'd be lucky to get 14k for it. You may get lucky with a billiant repair or maybe you're a panel beater but otherwise its a gamble. So unless it sells for less that 5k I wouldn't touch it with a 40ft barge pole. Just my 2 cents.
  10. It might keep your GF happy but it probably wont keep her alive if she runs into anything. 5 stars or not these micro/small cars are not great for safety in two/multi car collisions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu95gB04VC4&feature=email Holden will put a badge on almost anything and being a Holden it will probably sell because after all their cars 'just go better'. Personally I'd take the 15k and go buy a decent 2nd hand Jap car.
  11. I thought you were talking about this: http://theage.drive.com.au/motor-news/hoon-car-crushed-20100728-10v4v.html?autostart=1
  12. Get rid of your old car

    'The rules covering the new scheme will oblige people to have owned the old vehicle for at least two years. The new vehicle must have minum greenhouse rating of sic or higher, which is about the average for new cars now. Eligible cars cannot be in the luxury class and would include such models as a Toyota Hybrid Camry, Holden Cruze, Ford Falcon EcoBoost, Toyota Corolla or a Mazda 3. The old vehicles will be scrapped under the scheme to ensure they are not returned to the road.' So the good news is no one will be able to use it to go out and buy a Commodore or Landcruiser or some other inefficient car. But I'm trying to think of a person who has owned a practically worthless car for 2 or more years who will then spend 20k+ on a brand new car. After all 2k is peanuts in the scheme of things when a new car is involved. Not to mention most of the time those people will have done the same thing anyway and chances are their car will have ended up being wrecked anyway. 'The $394 million cost of the scheme will be financed by cuts in several other climate programs, including $220 million coming off the solar flagship program.' So another interesting fact - it seems the finance is being used by an arguable more worthwhile scheme - the solar flagship program. So once again its all smoke and mirrors. I'm so sick of the government treating the public like idiots.
  13. Panel Beater Nightmares

    I had a pretty crap experience with a panel beater recently. My Golf GTI (yeah I know its not everyones choice of car) gotten hit from behind by some pathetic waste of space in an AU falcon. My car had 14k worth of damage and the insurance company decided to fix it. A month later I got it back with very obvious repairs that anyone could see. Problems were: miss matched paint, missaligned panels and bumpers, obvious repairs to boot floor and engine bay, bonnet and hatch that don't shut right etc... After 2 trips back to the panel beater I came to the conclusion that insurance companies don't fix cars back to the way they were. Most panel beaters simply aren't capable enough to repair a car to its original condition. So I gave up and got rid of the thing. Couldn't sell it so I had to have it auctioned off and got 7k less than I would have prior to the accident. So the dumbass that hit me cost me 7k, a bad back, 8 taxi rides with ppl who can't drive and one hell of alot of inconvenience. Lesson is don't spend good money on a car and remember that they are objects that are at the mercy of every oxygen thief on the road not to mention the elements. So it's best not to place too much pride or significance in a car. Probably an odd thing to say on a car forum but my advice is forget about it - if you think the car is going to be back to the way it was you are fighting a loosing battle.
  14. I find it odd that they put so much emphasis on hooning and driving like a tool but if you actually run into someone its a minor traffic offence at the most. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at the lights behind other cars on a main road and a guy driving behind me over 150m back didn't notice that we had stopped and continued on at 70kmph until he was about 2 car lengths away before locking up the brakes and crashing into the back of me. Yes he actually drove about 150m without looking out the windscreen. His car was totaled, mine has 14k worth of damage and the car in front about 2k worth. Police, ambulance and fire brigade attended and he will get at the absolute most a ticket that may include a few demerit points. He doesnt even loose his licence (he was a P plater btw). He managed to cause an accident in the most wreckless and irresponsible way possible costing an enourmous amount of time and money to everyone involved including a back and neck injury to me and he essentially gets off scott free. There are accidents and then there is utter stupidity. I don't understand how the penalty for spinning your wheels in a car is so much worse than actually plowing into a bunch of cars and injuring people. Am I the only one who sees the insanity of this?
  15. Top Gear

    5th gear is better - less BS