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ADM S14 central locking remote replacement

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Like the title says, I need a new central locking remote for my 95 ADM S14.
The old unit stopped workin ages ago and I don't currently have access to it to find a part number or anything (left it at my ex's house)
Anyone know a way I could track one down? I was quoted roughly $200+ by my local Nissan dealer.
Hope I'm posting this in the right place on the forums.

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I bought a remote key for my S13 of this vendor about 6 months ago. Had no problems with it and you can program it yourself.

I'm not sure about S14s but this one looked 99% like my factory remote fob.


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I did see this one listed on eBay.
I thought about rolling the dice but that is getting pretty close to the same price as going straight to Nissan.
My fob/remote was a separate from my key. they weren't one unit like this one :(

I did try one of these
It looked pretty much identical to my old one, only my old one had a twist type battery cover on the back side.
I put a fresh battery in this one and tried to program it, no dice.
I suspect it could be for left hand drive models only. 

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