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What Differential On My S14 Silvia

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I need some help figuring out what diff I have. I was told that I have the R180 but I've read that the R180 didn't come in the S14 and that the r200 did instead. I have searched the internet but oddly enough it's been hard to find anything super clear on the differences and even images of both to clearly tell which is which.

My current diff was welded but broke one day exiting a driveway that was on an decline. Now there's a revolving knock coming from the diff when the rear wheels are in motion. I lifted the car and could feel the knock on the diff when I placed my hand on it. Does anyone also know which differential would be a direct replacement where I wouldn't have to replace any other parts? I've read of some people having to replace drive shafts and other parts to be able to fit their new diffs. I'm trying to fix this for relatively cheap. I wouldn't mind replacing it with the same stock part or maybe even an aftermarket one that isn't like $500+. Yet, if richer knowledge suggests that as an inevitable route then I can consider the range. I'm mostly trying to avoid riding on a welded diff again.

It is my only car and I've been biking for about a month since I've had no luck finding a replacement. I'm located in Japan and it's hard to communicate with the local shops what I am looking for if I cant say what I have currently. It's already difficult enough with the language barrier (currently studying Japanese). I hope I can get some good help and knowledge from you guys. Thanks a lot for your time and help in advance. BTW I've provided some pics of the diff so you have a visual. Thanks again!





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