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Is S15 lower dash trim surround originally factory painted?

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Hi guys,

Just bought an S15 and the interior is very scratched and scuffed up. I notice the lower surround of the dash and console (Grayish part with the Silvia badge on passenger side) has originally a painted finish from factory. It doesn't look like the actual plastic is 'impregnated' with colour, as the scratches on this part of the trim show the black coloured subgrade underneath.

Is this/ these parts and parts of the centre console factory painted? If so this is great news as I can re paint them to make it look as new. Also if they are painted what is the paint or coour code of the trim on ADM S15s? And what paint is recommended to use if any of you guys done this before?


Thank you, appreciate any help and feedback.



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Yes I believe it is painted. A guy on here years ago did a repaint (pmod). I think the problem is prep'ing the surface. The plastic is patterned and any sanding will change the look of the finish.

I think pmod redid all parts and filled then sanded to a smooth finish.

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