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E30s runin crappy

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hey everyone,


my E30 is being really gay atm.


whats happening is that when im cruising along or whenever i have it at a constant rev (eg. sitting at 2.5k as im about to reverse). the car has been cutting power momantarilt and like jumping. fine while eccelerating and ideling


im 98.7253% sure its something electrical. at first i thought it was cross fireing so i got new leads, and replaced the coil aswell, but no change.


i also put some injector clean just incase aswell but no change also.


its come down to my air flow meter, or my distributer.


i think its more likely to be the dizzy as itf it was the AFM whouldnt the same thing happen but instead it would be while im accelerating right?


so i thought i would come on here and ask if someone hads more of a clue before i start replacing more crap




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just for reference if anyone else has the same problem.


the rotor button limiter slide has some gunk in it which was almost impossible to see. sprayed some break cleaner and washed it out and it was good as new

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