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E30 C2 2.7 Alpina questions

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Hey guys I'm thinking of buying my mates E30 which has a fair amount of work on it. I just had a few questions about it as I'm not to familiar with the motors etc. This is what it's running;

C2 2.7 Alpina motor

Forged wiseco spoon top pistons 8:5:1

Alpina rods, crank balanced

Big port Alpina head

Cometic multi layered head gasket

Arp head studs

Vn v6 coil packs

Bosch blue injectors

Malpassi fuel reg

Wolf v500 ecu

R33 series1 turbo

External gate


2.5" stainless steel plumbing and dump



Now I was just wondering what sort of boost this motor would be good for? As I was thinking of getting a bigger turbo 2871r or similar?? Also if anyone knew what hp these motors are good for in turbo applications? Any problems i would encounter etc..

Sorry for the long post but any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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