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How expensive are Peugeots to service etc?

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Hey how's it going,


First up, I'm sorry if this has been covered already, if so just link me to the thread.


I just sold my 180 and I'm looking at getting into something a little different. All I wanted was a small run around car that had a bit of style and was fun to drive. Long story short, I have settled on a Peugeot 206 GTi. They are pretty cheap these days and with relatively low kms. Heard they are a ball of fun to drive as well.


Now my only question is, how expensive are they to service/fix if things go wrong. I'm not a complete r'tard so I can do all the basics (change fluids etc), but if something major was to go wrong, how much in the red would that put me. I'm assuming a fair bit more than your standard Pulsar etc.


On that note, is there anything in particular I should be looking out for when I go and inspect one?


Was also playing with the idea of getting a MK3 Golf, but most of the ones I have found have 150,000kms + on them. Whereas the majority of 206s have under 100k. No doubt the Golf is better looking (slammed. BBSs. drool), but the kms are a turn off.


Anyway, any advice would be greatly apriciated!





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Be good to your mother, Don't gamble and don't buy a pig yacht.. That's my advice

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Its the MK4s that are the major hassle with the heater coils going right? Have to pull apart the whole dash to get to it?


Nah definitely will be a manual. They are hard to come by though.. Maybe im too fussy. Budget is around $7000.


Still torn on a MK3 or Pug GTi though.


I just dont want to have to get a Corolla or SSS or something. Need a change.

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